Question Regarding 2D. Confused. Your Thoughts Required

Hi, I am making a 2d mobile game using unity. I have a few Questions.

I really like blender ( I am a beginner), there are tons of resource material available for the stuff I need for my game but its all in 3d. I want 2d.

There is a way is guess. some one told me to make whatever you like in blender in 3d and then render the face you want as 2d output and put it on a plane and export as a png and use as a 2d asset. I saw a tutorial about this and really like this approach.

A have a few reservations. Is it really good idea to do it this way? My 2D mobile game is a platformer game for which is need some Low poly trees, walls, stones, ridges, background mountains, decent looking landscape etc…

kindly point me in the right direction. I am soo very confused. Are there any complications if i use this approach.

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