Question Regarding Blender PlayerTools????

(I3D) #1

Hi every one

First, I’m new to Blender and Gaming :smiley: but I want to ask about the process invloved in creating a game in blender.

Like. Do I need a sperate package to publish the game? Where? How? the cost?

I have read about Blender Publisher, didn’t understand much except the it’s not sold anymore. is there any alternative to produce commercial games?

Also, when reading an article about blender the other day (from they mentioned something called Blender PlayerTools with a price tag close to $250 is this the replacement fro publisher? or this only for the web? is the final results a packaged game? or someone need the player to launch the game from?

Sorry for the long question, but I feel I don’t understand anything of this (That’s the truth :D) So if anyone can help it would be great.

Thanks in advance