[QUESTION] Selecting The Different Colors of a Texture

Ok, so to make my question easier to understand imagine you have a texture of the earth. It has the water/dirt/grass/sand/whatever all from a satellite view.

My question is, without separating the specific parts in like Photoshop. How can I select the individual colors (Let’s just say the ocean from land) without breaking up the texture in Cycles??

I want to do this so I can make the water more glossy than the land, the land more rough/bumpy than the water, etc.


That is a very general question
So a very general answer would be create one or more filters as part of the texture
A lot depends on your original picture as to what sort of filter you create

There are lots of ways to do filters!

As an example consider the screen shot below
Here the picture is filtered for a greenish colour from the separated hue component
And combined with a certain brightness limit

Best of luck


If you want, you can simply use the color-ramp node to separate out the desired hues after you get that channel (probably a bit easier and more visual compared to math nodes).