(CubeFan973) #1

I know you probably are annoyed at me asking every other minute, but WHERE IS A GOOD FREE WEB SERVER? Don’t say iptic, I can’t figure out how to use iptic! Oh, and don’t say GeoCities or Freeservers, as they suck donkey balls :stuck_out_tongue:

(rwv01) #2

I think Tripod is free but I don’t know how good it is.
What does your isp offer in terms of web space?
Do you need more than they can provide?

(ray_theway) #3

I personally use my ISP’s web server cause the give quite a lot of space for my needs (25 MB per account) and has no restrictions for linking, uploading, etc. I get the idea, though, that stormpages/anycities is good.
(different URL’s, same service)
The only “restriction” I see is that you need to give them truthful information :slight_smile: (this is for people like me who have at least one online alter-ego 8) ) Also, like one could expect, it’s ad-supported.

(acasto) #4

Cubefan, most decent services use ftp. There is nothing hard about iptic, other than you have to design your own pages because there is no ‘site wizard’ and you have to use FTP if you don’t want to use the control panel. There is nothing else to it.

(CubeFan973) #5

Well, I’d like plenty of webspace for a project I’m trying to make, but if my recent “Twilight Zone” animation is any sign, it will need A LOT of webspace. (The animation is about 39 seconds long, and is around the same amount of MB.) That’s not helping, is it?

(acasto) #6

Do a search on the forums for animation compression. There has been a few threads on it. But you can get much better than a meg a second.

(mrmunkily) #7

seriously - you can’t get much simpler than FTP. you don’t even need to make a page. Iptic dosen’t mmid hotlinking, does it? even so; html is definitly a worthwile skill.

as is speling

(NateTG) #8

just dish out a few pennies for an old pc, instal linux and esmith and make yer own. im gonna do that if i ever get around to it.

(CubeFan973) #9

I can design my own pages (even if it is with… AAAHHH! MICROSOFT WORD! THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF LINUX), but it’s how you get them up that bugs me. I have to get onto my parent’s screen name (I use… AAAHHH! AOL) to do it, and I’m not even able to do it because I need FTP! Yeah, yeah, “you can use your browser as an FTP agent,” but still.

Anyway, well, let’s see… this upcoming project has about 23 parts (it’s an anthology in the style of “Twilight Zone”), each would probably be about 5 minutes average length… AAHH! 6900 seconds approximately! I know, compress them better, but still, I’m not sure of what compression I’m using now!

(Riskbreaker) #10

Hey acasto,

you run IPTIC right? I visited that sight and all i could find was a forum link, no webspace apply thingy, what do you guys offer (in terms of web service) ?

(acasto) #11

The space offer thing is on the test site as I don’t have it totally up yet. But the temp test site with the community stuff is located here:

(Riskbreaker) #12

thanks acasto :slight_smile: