(CubeFan973) #1

I’m just wondering about this trick.

In some wide released games, there is fog. This is not to increase atmosphere, but rather to speed the game up.

Would that work in Blender? You use Mist in the World Buttons, and you’ve got some fog…

(Riskbreaker) #2

Do they use that for speeding up gameplay?
I thought they did that to hide poylgon pop-up. Or i could be wrong here.

(saluk) #3

Yeah fogging is to hide polygon popup. In Blender, you can use the mist to make it not look so bad with a small camera clipping distance. Having a small camera clipping distance, helps speed up the game.

So while fogging isn’t directly related to speeding up the game, it is used to hide a shortcut which we use to speed up the game.

I generally don’t like this use of fog though. It’s all Turok’s fault:)