Guy’s im a Blender noob and got an question!:RocknRoll:
I made a Animation in Blender, Pushed de Anim button and everything went ok!
so i got now a video of 600 frames but HOW can i save it?? I got it already on AVI RAW but i want to save the animation on my computer so i can paste it on a site! how can i do this?
please help me! :confused: cause im really confused!

please reply! :S

trial and error

what do u mean with that??

ok, i presume you run XP…
you should have a tmp folder somewhere on your HD.
On my computer the movie output is under D: mp

I don’t know how to change that though…

Hit F10 for the “scene” buttons in the button window, and in the output panel you will see 3 text fields, with little folder icons, click on the top folder icon and you will be propted to choose a destination for your video, I like to save to the desctop for easy access.
and give the video a name ofcourse.
hope this helps

This should not be in off topic, but I’ll answer…
In the Scene buttons (F10) in the far left panel where it says ‘output’ at the top, by default there should be:


the first one is where animations save to, i.e. C: mp
The second one is the location of the backbuf image (for background)
and the third one is something else…

so just change the first one to say something like C:\My Renders

EDIT: Dang, salvadore beat me to it.

Also choose a video codec in the scene>format tab instead of an image frame format

THANKS guys!! :D! now i can take the next tutorial :wink: I think im gonaa like Blender! really really thanks!