I am attempting to animate several characters in one scene and was wondering what method would be the most efficient when it comes to rendering it out. Is ther a way I can seperate the characters on different layers in the same scene then render the back ground scene and the one character at a time then somehow put it all together in the sequence editor. I know this is called compositing but I have never done this. I would appreciate some advice on how I should do this, save me alot of headaches…:spin:

you should put your characters on one layer each - and their armatures on the layer below them

then use render layers for each character - and composite with nodes
that way you won’t need to re-render all the information if you decide you need to change on of the characters movements etc

you can read about render layers here

Appreciate you Waylow. You might be interested in this project. It consists of all the Blender free rigs that have been released and is called Where the Rigs Go… Could use your experience…

PM me

but I’m not sure if I will have much free time in the next couple of weeks