Questioning Why Colors are Set This Way

I find it a little odd that color values for red, green, and blue in the shading panel range from 0 to 1. In all other graphics programs I’ve seen and in graphics programming I’ve done in Java, the RGB range is 0 - 255. I’ve adjusted okay to Blender’s color numbering schema but still it bugs me. Why doesn’t Blender follow the 0 -255 RGB convention?

In OpenGL programming, the values for RGB range from 0.000 to 1.000. So by doing it this way, the programmers can avoid having to have code to convert it to a value 0-255. We have better accuracy with 0-1 because there is less rounding so you have a more precise value. For instance on 0-255, the value will be a whole number like 25. On 0-1, we have everything from .250-.259 (note that those are probably not the correct conversion from 0-255 to floating point, but you get the idea)

Don’t forget that you can also enter values from Hue Saturation and Value as well as Hex Codes.

I have used 0 to 1 as well as 0 to 100% in html.

If you want to convert values of the same hue just open a photo manipulation program like Photoshop, click on the color at the bottom of the tool bar and you can get all the values.

There are people who have already encountered this problem and well, there are places where quite close approximation of conversion can be found. Take a look at this website.

Hope this comes in handy for a few!