questions about 2.40

i’ve just downloaded blender 2.40a and…why the hell did they change the location of everything?! it was comfortable and i got used to it…and now…i dont know where it is! the subsurf is somewhere else and works differently (it worked well so wtf?) and now i’m not sure about how to operate it (gives me double subsurf in the render while i only have regular in the 3d window), they added a lot of new options to the subsurf and i have no idea what they mean! i cant find the effects anywhere! (wave, build, particle). also i would like to know what is “fluid simulation” and “shape keys”.thanks in advance

If you ever fortunit enouph to have blender 1.x liying around try use it.

the up grades are nessesary to keep growing blender. it a mission now but it gives us more space to add in new features with out getting execively clutted

I hear they may make some more changes to the gui before the final release of 2.4 but not a 100%

Subsurface was very limited and did some clumsy things in the past, it really need to be upgraded, if you look at you’ll see some examples of how to uses it quite efficanltly. but doc’s are still in proces

wave, build, particle and so on are still under the animations panel but in the same way material have a sub section for sky, texture, ect. so does anamations now

fluide simulation is a new feature that chows processing power. It also makes very realistic water and water motion, but you’ll need to downl;oad a tut on that.

good luck and try the wiki (havent got the correct adress right now)

Before posting this kind of topics, look at the release logs first. The link is on the download page. I understand that in the excitment of the new pre-release you forgot to read it but still, it prevents you from looking like a newbie…:wink: