Questions about a few things

  1. In this game I’m making, I’m trying to get missiles to lock on to a specific target. For some reason, the “track-to” option doesn’t work. How does one overcome such a difficulty?

  2. How can I get animated fire without actually making the fire simulation?

  3. Are there any tutorials that show how to create a HUD and to change what the mouse looks like in game?

  1. TrackTo and added Objects
  2. What kind of fire? Something like this Special Effects Particles ?

The fire I wanted to make is similar to what is shown in the Special Effects tuorial. Just what does it mean when it says “direction” in the IPO curve editor part for the Flame tutorial?

Curve keys can have the interpolation type bezier.
These kind of keys has handles represented as additional points left and right of the key. with direction it is simply meant where to place this endpoints of the handles.
It does not really matter that you enter the exact numbers. You can form the curves that they are similar to the curves in the pictures.

I assume you will adjust them later for your own needs.
They determine how the flame looks like.

With them you can for example create flames that look like gas fire, wood fire, plastic fire, candle light.
All the flames look a bit different when the gas burns. Some of them are more blue, some more red, some show green.
The curves allow you to build this color changing. You could even create some sci-fi flames ;).
Hint: Flames are semitransparent - the background color is important too!


Thanks. Ran into a small issue a bit earlier: forgot to set to TextureFace instead of MultiTexture. Would this also work with GLSL (don’t have a card yet. Just wondering…)?

I think the tutorial explains all three options. I’m not that sure with GLSL as I have really poor GLSL support at my laptops.

If you develop for Multitexture it will also work with GLSL cards (as long you do not enable GLSL materials :D). The problem with GLSL without support is, that you never can be sure how it finally looks like. So better avoid it until you have this support.

I am really impressed with the results of the fire tutorial! I can’t get the smoke part right, however.

The difference to the “flame” is that it does not use “Add” mode it uses “Alpha” mode of the mesh tools (in edit mode).
It is only needed if the smoke should be visible. Wich is obvious only if you have a light background ;).