Questions about animation...

Hi all,
I have a quick question about animations.
So far I’m pretty much learning how to use and adjust the IPO curve to do what I want, but I have one problem, how do I save my render?!
hehe, kinda a funny question but I can’t figure it out, and I can’t find the answers on the forums.
Well, thanks!
Oh, wait… one more question… Any tricks to rendering trees and the like (small bushes, shrubs, etc)?
Any links or help would be appreciated!!!


Hi, to save a render, go to file>>save image.
For trees there is a plugin called Lsystem, and to use it,…you’ll have to,…
get the version of ‘python’ that is compatible with the latest version of lsystem,…set your python path, ( see python and plugins forum ), and to use it, just read the tutorial links in the related threads, and also I left a zip with a bunch of presets somewhere in there, or you can experiment using the knowledge from the tutorials. There are other ways to make trees to, but that is one of the best imo.

i think this was animation question, so when you hit “anim” button, the animation will be saved automaticly as it’s rendered, into the location you have specified in the render buttons panel.
check carefully, there is “output” tab on the render-buttons. you set directory and filename there. from “format” tab you can select avi jpeg format for example, to create an avi.


When you say “save the render,” I think you do mean what the Anim button does.

Render will render a single-frame. Anim will render all the frames of the animation. Different formats store the data different ways: AVI in a single file, TGA or PNG as a file-per-frame.