Questions about bezier curves

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I have several questions regarding bezier curves, can’t find much about it on the internet.

  1. How do you add a curve point in the middle of a curve? (instead of using E to place a point at the beginning or end of a curve).
  2. I don’t know what the “arrows” are called, but how do you split them evenly over the whole curve? I am asking this, because I want to animatie a growing line using Bevel. In it’s current state, it will move slower in the bottom part of the curve compared with the rest of the curve.
  3. Is there an easy way to give a growing line, a smooth rounded edge cap? Only at the beginning and end of the line.

1.) Right click > subvide, or Segments > Subdivide.

2.) Right click > smooth or Control Points > Smooth

3.) Don’t know if this will help but in this file I have made an attempt. Beware if you want to turn this into a mesh the resolution of the curve is at 200, which will give an extremely dense mesh. The file uses a taper curve and a bevel curve.

taper-bevel.blend (550.8 KB)

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  1. Smooth doesn’t change much and it also adjusts the curve. I am still looking for a better method here if possibile.

  2. I tried something like that too. The downside is that it’s quite a lot of hassle if you have to create multiple lines. Also when the line is half way, you still see an ugly “flat” cap.

I am comming from Cinema 4D, so I am used to be being spoiled a little bit when it comes to usability. The reasen I want to switch is because of the Adobe model, Cinema 4D started using lately. I am not willing to pay another 60,- a month to use one 3D application…

Hello here is what i can explain to you.

  1. The arrows on the curve are called curve normal. They represents the orientation of each points defining the curve twist and also the direction of this curve. First to last point.
    You can disable it in the viewport icon dropdown menu top right of the 3dview, near the 3 balls.
  2. Blender is not able to normalize curve on the full length. Subdivisions are managed in between two curve’s points. But there is a trick with grease pencil for sub dividing equally and reconvert it to bezier curve that I m talking about here. Skuax HideOut (downloads included)
  3. Changing the tip of a curve will be done with modifiers and meshes. Duplicating a mesh along it with array and curve modifier.
    Hope it helps.
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I think blender is somewhat limited with curves, but I have not really used another package for this type of thing. Just saying, you can do the smooth multiple times…

I think you might also have to animate the taper curve. edit: Doesn’t really seem like a good solution though.

Yeah, don’t know anything about cinema 4d , I had softimage years ago but got fed up with trying to make it work on linux, that is, the licensing software.

There’s a solution for your second point, you need to change the “bevel mapping type” in the geometry panel, data context of properties.

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Sound interesting.

This is only for beveling the curve afaik, constraints can’t do this (which is a bummer).