Questions about inventories.

I know how to make an inventory in python useing tuples. What I want to knoe is how to make an inventory that can handle item stachs (i.e. Potion x3).

I also want to know how to make an inventory handle blocks of data lika a monster and it’s stats so that I can make a monster inventory.

Thank you.

Depends a bit if you want it quick 'n dirty, or very nicely to use it in a larger game.

  1. Quick and dirty:
    inventory = [[“sword”,1],[“shield”,1],[“potion”, 3]]
    Just a list of lists. Don’t use tuples, they cannot be modified

  2. A bit nicer, dicts:
    inventory = {}
    inventory[“potion”] = 3

  3. very nicely, classes:

class Inventory(dict):
     def __init__(self):

class Monster(object):
     def __init__(self,inventory):
          self.inventory = inventory

i = Inventory()
i["potion"] = 3
m = Monster(i)

Study the Python tutorial to get full benefit from classes.

Thank you. I downloaded the pdf version of the python tutorial.