Questions about modeling

(AyaneMatrix) #1

Ok, first things first, hello and I’m new to this forum.
Next, I have a question about modeling some characters/people that I’m working on, but I have problems using a mouse to setup the design (Don’t ask, it’s a quirk and I have an artpad that doesn’t work under Linux and has limited use under Blender anyway.) and I would prefer to program/type/tell Blender what I want to see on the screen and be able to edit it when I’m/it’s done. I would like to be able to do this like I would be able to code an OpenGL model in C/C++ and animate it. Can anyone direct me or perhaps give some tips on how I can go about doing this?

Thanks in advance!

(ookami77) #2

If you really want to be able to code you should use POVRay. If you really want to stick to Blender you can add objects, enter edit mode, select specific verticies and press the “n” key on the keyboard so that you can control the exact location, rotation and scale. I think that’s about as much coding as you’ll need unless you want to get into Python and write a script to create some objects (which seems like more time than it’s worth).