Questions about Panoramas

I need to make some of those 360 degree pano things, like this.
What render settings should I use?

take a look here
you need some other programs that are linked in this tut. I have made some following this tut and its not hard. Good luck.

Cool, but I need to feed them through Game Maker.

How can I get an image that shows all that?
It’s fine if it doesn’t show all of the top and bottom. If I can just simulate looking up-ish and down-ish, I’ll be happy.

I’ll use that for other things, though, thanks.


I got some software for making 360 degree panoramas,
I could stitch some images for you if you want.
What would be needed for stitching panoramas is this:
4 or greater number of images are rendered so that after
you have rendered the first one the camera is rotated on
its own axis until it shows area to left or right that overlaps
the first render some about 1/4 and this is repeat until you
have rendered almost 360 degrees and then last image will
be setted up so it overlaps the previous and the first image.
Little extra rendered pixels should be on the top and bottom
areas of renders since slight cropping to top and bottom will
be need to done after stitching the images. So if you want
to co work your panoramas send them to [email protected]
Its pretty quick process, at minimum it takes about 2 minutes to
stitch one panorama.

You guys don’t understand, I’m looking for render settings that will produce a 360 panorama with no distortion, prefferably with Y camera size greater than X camera size, or something that will produce a single image that, if shown throw a small veiwport, moving the veiwport will make it look like you’re looking around.
If that sound confusing, I can try to clarify.

ok, I think i have a method that you can do it with(i did not test it though). Camera setting orthographic and careful rotation of camera or later crop images in photoeditor,test also scale. You cannot get panorama done with one render since at most camera renders 180 degrees and that would be with huge distortion.
Well that is all i can say. hmm Its not impossible that someone has written a plug in but i doubt it.

Yafray offers You 360 spherical camera accesible by *.xml tweaking by hand.
Check yafray 0.0.8 relase notes at

Kerkythea has spherical camera as well.


I’m sorry, but I’m a complete dumbass. How do I use that Spherical XML script?

First save a XML file of your scene.
Edit the XML file with just a notepad.
The camera block is the end of XML files
Change the type tag
type=“perspective” > type=“spherical”
Render again using Yafray as stand-alone, using MS/X terminal.
Or create a direct acces to yafray.exe in the desktop and drag and drop XML files you want to render onto the direct acces. The TGA uotput will be produced at the same place than XML.

Okay, maybe spherical isn’t what I want…
It came out kind of bad…

I may just have to deal with it not looking up and down. It’s no big deal.

So, what camera lenses and X-parts work well for a 360 turn with very little distortion?