Questions about the GE Joystick

Is it possible to use two joysticks at the same time with or without python

and is there any way to tell to those who devolop the blender game engine that when I try to programme with the gamelogics of my Xbox360
controller buttons second axis(right analog) with it´s left and right to rotate the camera to its left and right it does instead programme my Xbox360 LT and RT(like the ps2 L2 and R2)to do that

I need does for changing my weapons

I think this is because when I checked if my Xbox360 controller if it was plugged with joy.cpl and tried pressing all the buttons and axis and hat I noticed that the LT and RT was acting like a axis I think is was a Z axis which could have been the problem because it maybe it is´t supported in the Game Engine as it should be so if you guys maybe could programme so this support in the future vesion

or maybe I should buy a ps2 controller maybe it L2 and R2 acts like buttons

anyways I would really apriciate it you guys did programme this it would really help me in the future sense i´m planing to try sellin a idea and what better way is it to show a game demo of my Xbox360 game idea
so they understand it to the fullest

Thanks Anyway

So is there anyway any help would be apriciated

the triggers show as axes because they are variable [moving them a little is supposed to have a different effect than moving them the whole way]

umm, your lack of punctuation, and strange grammar makes your post difficult to read.

If you use pygame + python ( you can have full access of all of the systems joysticks. I don’t have experience with the joystick sensor though. Different controllers map things differently unfortunately, the only way would be to use python to let the user map their controller to game functions, but that’s a little advanced.