Questions about Toonshader in GE alpha 1

Hi, I’ve noticed the toon shader, and it’s really neat. I’m wondering if there’s a way to use toon shading over a texture applied to the material, or UV mapped. Also, are multiple toon shaded objects possible using the one script?


I cant find a way to use UV texturing combined with toon shading either, but would be really useful.

To use more than one object you have to add them to the object list at the top of the toon shader script.

Frame rate really drops however the more objects you add.

I think I seen a .blend file somwhere on the web the blend file was called toon somthing … it was a game example. I will search it up later again and if I find it I will post alink to it. :wink: k He-blend and btw He-blend did you ever finish your Microdemo Game or is it still in work ? Well anyway’s I will look for it after I go pick up my bro’s and sis from school :wink:

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Is there a toon shader in the new build?
Well, Robertt had a toon conversion script here and looking at those images it uses textures.


Yeah its possible to have toon shading with textures.
You will need to add some samplers to the shader though.

Here is a script doing just that :slight_smile:

to use it:
build a list of all the objects you want to use the shader at the top
add new materials for each object then add the desired texture in the material panel.
I set it up for one, but others can be added…

the frame rate drops because per-pixel lighting can get very expensive.
you will have to find a balance somewhere.