Questions regarding in working with NifSkope, Blender and the Fallout3 Editor!

FearMan (MR)


I have some questions regarding in working with Blender 2.49a, the Blender NIF Script 2.4.9, PyFFI 2.0.2 together with NifSkope v1.0.18.

The aim of all of this was to create a mesh object in Blender, export the non-textured mesh as a .nif File, open it in “NifScope”, textured it with a converted .dds texture and import it in the Fallout 3 G.E.C.K!!!

My question:

When I import a .nif File into “NifScope” to texture it (for example): [an ashtray from Fallout 3]

- Open Fallout Mod Manager

  • BSA unpacker
  • Open
  • (switch to!) [X:\Games\Fallout3\Data\Fallout - Meshes.bsa]

-> Fallout - Meshes
-> meshes
-> clutter
-> (hit the “Sort”-Button)
-> [FileName:] ashtray01.nif (select it by pressing the leftmousebutton and hit “Extract”)

-> Choose any export-directory and click “Save”

Than switch to the exported File and select it, hit rightmousebutton, “Open with …”, choose “NifSkope”!

there’s no texture on the mesh

Also I have some problems in texturing my meshes in “NifScope”.

For example with: 1Colour-Map

How can I add textures in “NifScope”???

Thank you in advance!!!


Um… This is a blender site. Maybe you should ask this in a nifscope site.

hmm, I’ll point the Niftools dev to this thread. ( may be a few days )
Nif tools have close ties with Blender, so finding where the origins of the problem are is important.

Well I guess this is really a question about nifskope rather than blender, but anyway: add Fallout’s textures bsa file to the resources (with File -> Resource Files) and the textures will show in nifskope.

When working with meshes for Oblivion/Fallout3 you need to set up a directory much like when you add custom content to the game. Open the ashtray mesh in Nifskope, look at the texture Node for the path to the texture. You’ll have to open textures.bsa and unpack the texture to that directory. Heres an example:

an ashtray mesh may be located in:

C:/Program Files/Fallout3/Data/Meshes/Clutter/ashtray.nif

That nif file will look for the texture in a relative directory like this:

C:/Program Files/Fallout3/Data/Textures/Clutter/
Oh, AND:
C:/Program Files/Fallout3/Data/Textures/Clutter/

I created a directory called D:/My Blender stuff/fallout3/Data

I then created subdirectories there called Textures, and Meshes. Everything works that way. even when you import it to Blender, the textures will be right there.

Pay attention to the paths in the BSA unpacker and/or Nifskope and mimic those.