I just downloaded the latest Python(not 2.4 alpha)…& I also downloaded the new Blender & the new Yafray & the latest Walk-O-Matic. I am hoping to download the Make Human tool soon, as well.

I am wondering if anyone has attempted to make a wrestling game in Blender?

If not, then that is what my goal is going to be in using Blender & Python.

I hope that the Make Human downloads will be back up soon, so I can get started on making the wrestling game, right away.


I dont think anyone has made a wrestling game in blender!

Go for it just make it good!
Make good textures and models like commercial game graphics!
Then maybe u could sell it!

Well, I am waiting for the Make Human download section thing to work again, so I can download the Make Human plug-in, then I can begin production on the game.

Production for this game will prolly take at least 2-4 years.

Here are the reasons why it might take this long!

*Keeping Blender, Python, & other plug-ins for engine up-to-date!

*Playing each 3D wrestling game on the market to see what improvements are needed & could be done.

*Brief discussions on game development.

*Character & Area development(as well as animation & rendering).

*Putting everything together & testing.

So, there are many reasons why this game is gonna take a long time, plus the fact that I am going to be in college & everything, so I believe you can see my point, at least.

Why wainting for Make Human? The Mesh you get won’t be a good mesh for the game engine. Better you model your characters by hand. That’s less pain when texturing, rigging and animating your char.

kEinStein wrote: The Mesh you get won’t be a good mesh for the game engine

Unfortunately kEinStein is right. The MakeHuman meshes are really good but have too many polys. It’s still worth downloading and having a play. A better use of your time will be to make your own meshes - try the otto tutorial. When all is said and done it will be your texturing that gives realism to your meshes not the number of poly’s (within reason).