quick and easy question


in much of my work objects call variables which are set externally, i.e. midi or osc. so if my midi controller isnt plugged in or max/msp aint running then i get errors such as “((variable whatever)) is not defined,” is their a simple way of giving these variables a default value of nothing until they are set without having to set them to 0 or whatever in a script that runs at the beginning only once…



I had the same problem.
and as far as i know creating an empty with a script that runs only once is ‘my’ only solution… can’t really see any other ways to do it.
I mean, variables need to be defined before code gets executed. :slight_smile:

Are these variables local or global?

If they’re global variables, you can use this python code:

if hasattr(GameLogic,"variablename"):

    if variablename == 1:

        do something...

This will check to see if a variable exists before doing anything.

Having an initialisation script with all your variables in is a useful thing to have. It’s something I use quite often, and it’s also useful as it acts as a reference for all the variables you use in the game too…

yeh thats what i thought was probably the case… i was thinking

variable = None

might set it up instead, but this doesnt seem to work, any guesses as to what is this used for( the None thing).

Cheers for the replies