quick first impressions?

Hello guys, happy Wednesday!

quick first impressions please? Sci-fi low atmospheric e-war vessel, very rough blocked in phase, aerodynamics are somewhat a consideration but have a little room because ‘sci-fi’. Does it look cool?

should say more.

It’s for 1 scene in low atmosphere, doesn’t need to be fast, stays back of the attacking squad for support role.

very nice…

First impression is the wings are boring. It looks like a vehicle that should have the ability to just hover there, but it doesn’t currently look capable. Other than that it looks pretty good for a block in.

Edit: I should also add I think the wingspan is too large.

Thank you for comments. Here is a revised version.

Much better imo

Do you think it looks a little like a manta-ray now? I think I’m going to name it that.

I like that idea. It does look kinda like a ray.