Quick Flat Interior

Hey. I would like to share a quick project I just had to visualize. It wasn’t supposed to be perfect so there might be mistakes I am not aware of at the moment there, I hope nothing too terrible. Here:

Thanks to Blendswap users PrinterKiller for the model of the toaster and ATSZGO for the radiator.

I will appreciate your comments and feedback.

hi there, it’s not quite photorealistic to me but very close. The bed looks great, but the pillows are a bit to smooth. Simple clean apartment, I like it. :slight_smile:

it feels a bit mat, not one reflection

Looks great for me. how long did you take to finish it?

Thanks for the comments. Yes, it does look matt, I did not think about it. But then the designers I work with really do not like glossy surfaces at all. The laminated floor is chosen to be as matt as possible to look and feel more like real wood, the surfaces in the kitchen are chosen so they don’t show dirt and fingerprints. I was surprised to see the HPL material that the kitchen worktop is supposed to be made of - it is weird how matt it is. But that’s a good point I think I should make an effort to exaggerate the surfaces that are reflective more.

It’s hard to tell how long it took, because I was working on two other projects at the same time. I would say around 6 days. The bed took time to simulate, but it was smoother then the sofa, because it did not need to match anything in reality, the sofa took a whole day and then some time for the material. I don’t even know where other time went. Making the floor the way I make it is also time consuming. Post processing and deciding stuff takes long time I guess. I modeled a pouf/beanbag thing as well, but we ended up not using it for example:


I think it’s still quite a quick one.

I really like the bedroom camera 1, good job…

Wonderful works MartinZ.

Wonderful images, MartinZ. Could you share the render settings (p.e. samples number) and render time?

Thanks. I don’t think it’s worth to share the render settings. They are just Full global illumination preset with refractive caustics disabled. I use Clamping but that depends on the light in the specific scene. I use portals as well. It takes 6000 samples at least. I leave it to render after work and at night so it may take 8 hours for a render or something like that on single GTX 970, I use two PCs for that, so it can be 4 renders the next day. I would sometimes render it twice with different seeds and combine EXR’s so it might be 12000 samples. It happens that I make mistakes and need to rerender parts. I am sure there are more efficient ways to do it when it comes to render settings. It just wasn’t my goal to optimize render time with these. I have not even tried denoiser yet.

I like the look of the images and you can see the attention to detail.

I have worked for clients who hate shiny surfaces and clients who want everything reflective.

One client actually told me “no shadows”.

Good job.

:smiley: Yeah, I know what you mean. The job sometimes… requires patience.

I got your pont, MartinZ… I was aiming exactly to know how long it took to render such a clean image. Seems like it takes a few hours.
Good job!