quick help needed


I just need some quick help please and don’t have time to search through the manual, please can you tell me how to set dimensions in blender because i need to set the length of a gridsquare to be 0.1 inches.



There are no dimensions in Blender except for the Blender unit, which is the length of a gridsquare…

i know there are no dimensions in blender, i was wondering if it was possible to set a gridsquare to a ceratain size if you wanted to


Errr… this doesn’t realy make sense. But if you want a grid to play with until its squares look like what you want then insert one and resize it… :stuck_out_tongue:

you could try the script from Bmae and the Caliper scrip to work with dimensions.



He doesn’t want to enter meters and feet and stuff he want to change the size of the grid. Go to the View (not the one in the spacebar menu), choose view properties and change spacing under Gid.

Ya he wants to work in inches

this can be done with bmae!

Are you serious?

More specifically in 0.1 inches

but the grid cannot be changed in 0.1 inches but who cares
pick 1 Blender unit = 1 inches and it should work

play with BMEA - it can deal with english unit like inches

Another thing is to remove the Grid and make you own grid as an object