Quick Octo model

A late night couldn’t sleep model. Its becoming like my need for a middle of the night glass of milk. Now I seem to want to model thing randomly… Hmm, Well heres what a late night sit down does. Enjoy.

And the crappy timelapse.

The voronoi texture is inaccurate, octopi travel around either their default color (usually red) and with some slight bump mapping - you could use a voronoi texture but it would have to be WAY smaller - or they swim low, the same color and texture as the sand. It’s a good start though, in terms of basic modeling.

Thanks for your comments. But I hoped to imply by “quick” that I wasn’t exactly trying to go for anything close to realistic. Its more or less a “doodle”. As for my crafty, throwing procedural textures all over it and calling it a day, well I thought that would also imply it being a doodle. But I guess not.

So thanks anyway, and I hope you liked it.

And btw I must agree, Pizza and Bacon are magical…