Quick plant model

Nothing terribly spectacular. Just something to get away from my main project for a bit.

Background Courtesy: cr103 via stockarch.com. (CC Atribute) cr103 http://stockarch.com/images/abstract/light/bokeh-green-2022

this looks spectacular. Really convincing.

How did you do the BG? Or is it a random picture from the web?

Nice work.

woah! I’m super impressed by this
Would you mind sharing a bit about how you did this? I’d really like to hear about how you did the water droplets and leaf shaders

Background is from the web. I forgot to attribute (will edit). I used a lightwrap in post as well as a glare filter node. IIRC there is also a glare on the background.

The geometry is from this tutorial:

Which really makes herbaceous plants easy. I applied a Curve modifier to get the general sweeping shape.

The water droplets are a simple particle system. I tried using vector paint to get them to emit only from one side, but I was still getting a particles emitting from the back. So I just used vector group, selecting only the top faces.

I tried using the metaball object, but I wasn’t wholly convinced by it as the dew felt a little too uniform. I instead used the CubeSurfer addon with a relatively high voxel size and a subsurf modifier. This allowed variation in the shape of the droplets. The droplets on the back-side perimeter i think is a result of subsurf - happy accident.

To finish off composition I made a two level light wrap, one general with the other’s size and factor determined by the background. I didn’t do the light wrap perfectly. but in this case you can’t really tell. It was my first time doing that kind of composite.

I also added some glare, dispersion and lens distortion as well as a general blur to convey lens artifact. DOF is Cycles.

Nothing terribly spectacular? AMAZING!

I like both the composition & model for this. The watery element may be what makes it realistic & interesting to look at.

amazing, mindblowing. jealous of your skills :wink:

very realistic, lovely color :slight_smile:

Love it! is the bokeh effect from the dof or is that an image?

Thanks everyone!

Awesome! amazing work and very real!

drops look amazing

this looks refreshing…


The amount of dew on the leaves really allows it to pack a punch.

I think it definitely raises the bar for nature pieces here (which has already been high due to the large number of realistic ones that have hit the forums).

very cool! - What’s your main project?