quick plattform comparison

just made a quick test, someone might be interested:

the specs tested:

render time

viewport fps shaded / viewport fps textured

the plattforms/versions:

OSX 10.2, 2.24 release candidate, 640MB RAM, 867MHZ, 133 MHZ FSB, GeForce2MX


  • WinXP, 2.34 official release, 640MB RAM, 600MHZ, 105 MHZ FSB, GeForce4MX


  • WinXP, 2.34 intel optimized, 640MB RAM, 600MHZ, 105 MHZ FSB, GeForce4MX

the results:

            spec_1            spec_2

config_1 26,57s 0,65/1,89fps

config_2 44,29s 1,26/3,70fps

config_3 28,60s 1,75/3,89fps


intel optimized version gives best results, considering that the XP machine has a 276MHZ lower clock. the difference between OSX and the intel standard edition correlates almost exactly with the clock difference. the viewport performance is low due to the outdated cards, but also here the optimized version is slightly better.

i’m wondering if the OSX version could be further optimized for the G5.

ok this is no tom’s hardware test, it’s not even the same machines - just was curious how big the differences are.

i’ll shortly test a dual 2GHZ G5 with one GB RAM and the new GF 6800. i’ll post the results here (and hope for MAJOR performance improvements - as this should become my new work-horse).


is there such thing as AMD optimized?

and does intel optimized work on AMD processors

yes, it uses, if available, SSE, SSE2, MMX etc… my AMD is a frist generation Athlon nad still profits from optimization. the latest AMD’s have almost all extensions intel has, too. so, the answer is: YES

i think i should rename my version to “yes works for AMD too optimized build” ^^

“x86 optimized” would suffice, wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

hum… i agree :slight_smile: