Quick question 2.53: anybody noticed going in local view makes objects invisible?


I’m not able to reproduce it always, but there’s an issue when taking selected objects to local view with “/”. When going back to whole scenen in the 3D viewport with “/” again, new objects created under local view aren’t visible…
I’m able to see them in the outline, but there’s no way I know to make them visible again in the scene - looks like they’re not there or linked anymore.
(I’m using 2.53 beta)

Is this happening to anybody else? Anybody know if it is a known issue?


There was a bug like this, which occurred when entering local view after adding a mesh and changing it’s create parameters. It was reported and fixed a couple of weeks ago (try using a newer build).

Thanks N30N, I’ll give it a try as soon as I can and get home.

Oups! I never use local view… Might be a very dummy question, but: what is it for? In wich case is it usefull?

to edit an object, select it, type / on num pad --> will see … :eyebrowlift:

I tried a newer build, but without luck… 2.53 r31236. Would there be a workaround to get my object back?

You sure it’s not hidden? try alt+h in local view, in global view, and in edit mode.

Try layers too

local view is a very good function
you can combine it with layers and hide/unhide function
one of the best basic feature of Blender

The missing object is not visible on any of the layers and it is not hidden either. I can see it in the outliner window though.

If anyone else would be able to reproduce it, it could be logged as a bug maybe.

So far i’ve managed to get the object back in a copy of the blend file via “obj” export/import…


While working on my latest model something similar has happened to me a couple of times.
I couldent figure what was causing it. Just thaught I had quit without saving changes, and then later noticed missing objects. With hind sight I would say it is the same problem, but I dident think of checking the outliner. Like you say, is it something to do with creating objects while actually in local view.