Quick question about animation mixing

So I was wondering if anyone knew how to mix animations so they become one so to speak. The reason why? is because I have two different animations for my character. One where he aims a rifle. shoots it and then reloads, the other one is a basic walking animation. I want to know if you can mix both where he permanently aims the rifle while still walking. Can someone tell me if there’s any way to do this, I would be most thankful.

You can use multiple animation layers (Action Actuator) with the blending set to 0.5.
There are great video tutorials on this topic like one from “ThaTimst3r”
i hope this was useful!:slight_smile:

it’s not so much that I need to have multiple animation layers as I need to mix the animations in the dope sheet editor. So is there any way to mix the animations into one dope sheet window?.

so you want to taxe 2 animations and mix them in the dope sheet window?
The arm animation has to only have keyframes on the arms and the run animation neds not to have keyframes on the armes.
You create a new action and you paste the keyframes of both animations