Quick Question: Radius Of Circle/Cylinder

How do I get the radius of an existing circle? For example, if I have a circle/cylinder called obj, can I use something like obj.getRadius() or something similar?

Maybe I could use the distance formula on the center and any other vertex of the circle, but how do I find out which is which?

I’m just an hour old in python so please bear with me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your help.

object in blender are just a cloud of vertex edges and faces

so it;s not a vectorial graphic soft !

sp you hve access to the vextex list of an object and that’s it

it’sup to you to analyse it and dothings with it

there are no spec saying what an object is or if it has been modifed in edit mode for instance

hope it helps

Thanks, it does help.

So what’s the function to get this “vertex list”?
Something like:

myList = obj.vertexList()



there are some good intro to scripting

and will give a lkittle how tio do thngs

but all sciprting is going to change with the enxt 2.5 version

and there is almost nodoc available right no

but you can still learn the basic with the wiki

also try to google some internet book on python

that could help also

good luck