[Quick Tip] Combining "Sapling" add on and "Tree from Curves" script

Hi, this is my first quick Tip/tutorial.

I show you how to combine the sapling add on in the newer blender releases (2.5+)
and the tree from curves script in blender 2.49 to make mesh trees with proper UV coordinates.

Since i am not native english speaking, please be gentle with criticism about spelling errors.
Apart from that i hope for your feedback.



Quick Tip - Sapling and Tree from Curves.pdf (1.93 MB)


This seems super useful, we should ask Campbell to bring “tree from curves” script to 2.6x if it’s possible!

I was exactly thinking how to get smooth joined branches with sapling addon, grazie :slight_smile:

Thank you marco. +1 for bringing the script to 2.6x

[UPDATE] In blender 2.49b (all pre blender2.5 releases) there is a nasty z-twist bug (please search the forum for this issue)
To solve this problem in most cases you have to rotate your tree 90° around the 3D cursor on the Y or X axis.
After using the script you can simply re-rotate your finished mesh-tree.

I don’t think it’s off topic. Always nice to have more than one method. Btw sapling has already UV’s on the leaves if they are rectangular.
Not on hexagonal as yet.

Yep, what i posted is a method to re-use generated leaves to drive the distribution of custom modeled leaves, the UV part is a trick to select the right vertices lying on branches and delete the other ones.


thanks for the mini tutorial.