Quick Tip: Easy Randomize Face Color with Cycles

I was looking for a way to create random face colors when doing some lowPoly art. Mainly because i think the lighting could use a little help creating different colors and thus interest. A quick google search gave no results so i thought i might post my technique here

The setup is actually pretty simple: I use the geometry info node to get the normals of the faces. Then i add 1 to make sure there is no 0 so the multiplication in the next step actually does something.
After that i multiply with random input from the Object info Node, but that is actually not really necessary.
Then multiply with a relatively high number.
The last step is modulo of 1 to get it to 0-1 range again.

I used it as factor input for a color ramp but there might be some other uses for this :wink:



Thank you , very useful

The multiply by object random number will limit the variation on some objects… if the obejct random number is 0 (it is a range between 0 and 1)… that means that it would then be multiplied by 25, (still 0), and then have a modulus over it, which would be 0 for the entire object.

You can use a Math node to Add any value to the random number so it never gives out zero.

This is very interesting! But I stil can not assign a different shaders to a faces with same-directed normals (sorry, my english not good).

My projetc Thank you , very useful

Thank you!! This helped me with a stone faced bridge…works great!

Hey mate! I did exactly like in your images, but the result is not right, each face don’t get a random color, but all the faces make a pattern. So can you guys help me out? I am new to blender shader nodes.

Using True Normal instead of Normal gave me the desired effect

That’s Cool Thank you Bro It work For me :slight_smile: