Quick Tip, right click.. something & set cursor w/out problems

For those of you that would like to set up a menu for action mouse (I use left for select which makes my action mouse button my right mouse button but it doesn’t matter which you use), like the dynamic spacebar menu, if you go to the key map item:

User Preferences > Input > 3D View > 3D View (Global) > Set 3D Cursor

Expand ‘Set 3D Cursor’ and click on the drop down menu that says ‘Press’ next to the keybinding input(Action Mouse by default), change this to release and you are free to bind something else to Action Mouse press.

To be honest I use Action Mouse Tweak for box select and C for cursor set, because of this I set the dynamic space bar menu to Action Mouse release which avoids any conflicts.

I actually find this behavior preferable for the cursor when I am using the mouse to set the cursor. :ba: