Quick Tips!

I made a second tutorial video. It was seriously fun. Blender is awesome :smiley:

Watching atm, thanks!

I posted this a couple places and the general consensus is:

I should say “um” less, practice before I record so I make less stupid mistakes, don’t yell “QUICK TIPS!”, be quicker and more to the point.

I’ll be doing another quick tips video in the next couple days, so hopefully it’ll be better :smiley:

well… it’s ok to make a mistake as long as you immediately correct them. but if you emphasize the mistake by making a joke out of it instead of just smoothly moving to the correction it makes it harder to learn.

also i would suggest doing captioning since these could be a sentence or two, since hearing impaired folks can’t rely on youtube’s captioning system as it sucks.

and no yelling quick tips please, i agree with that!

otherwise thank you for the tips - i learned from them :slight_smile:

gud stuff innit