quickest and most elegant way to align the bottom of a shape to the grid floor

I imagine this is a variation on a object origin questions, but I can’t find a nice quick way to do it.

So I’ve got an irregular shape, it’s origin is in the centre of it’s geometry (say through ctrl+shift+alt+c), how do I get that shape to sit exactly on the ground plane eg if the shape were a cup, and the grid floor a table, how do i get the cup to sit exactly on the table quickly? (i’m happy to move the object origin)

Part of the same question I guess. How to move the object origin to an edge, or the centre of face as that would be useful too.

In editor mode you can select a single vertex or more, an edge or more and so on, then Snap cursor to selected, and at last in object mode set origin to cursor.

Hope it helps,


thanks I’ve sussed it, I think using your tip I’ve got what I’m after, which in edit mode is to select a face. Get the cursor to the centre of the face (shift+s) and snap ‘cursor to selected’ and then, in object mode, finish up with origin to cursor (ctrl+shift+alt+c) like you said.

If you have a an object as the ground floor, simply using the snapping tools set to face mode should place your object exactly at the floor. another alternative for a more complex object would be to use the bullet physics simulation to let the object fall down and then apply the state when it comes to a rest.