Quickmag.info launched

Hi people!

I launched a new site, quickmag.info. Ever felt like tellig somebody about something? Well if you have then you might wan’t to check out quickmag.info ;). The main idea of the site is that people would get something new and interesting to read for every day, be it then a new cooking recipe or a news headline. Well anyway you guys are most welcome to use my services so get on submitting some interesting and juicy articles people! :wink:

Remember that the site is not driven mainly by us at quickmag.info, but you, the users.

Here is the address once again: www.quickmag.info
And if some hacker messes up my domain then access the site with my ip:

Okay got a new service up and running. http://www.quickmag.info/ad/ Here you can advertise anything that is in the range of our Terms of Service.