QuickQ - nla/actions from 2.49 to 2.50

just a quick question to see if this is implemented in 2.50 yet or not. I recently just appended across a scene which had bones which were animating with some actions, and none of the animations came across. it wont animate and i see nothing in the nla/action section of 250 (The actions are there in the file, just it wont show data for them in the action/nla window)

the strange thing is, i accidently left the original scene on an offset frame (like 220) and when it imported, it was sitting where it was meant to be in that frame from 220, but nothing changes using alt-a or skipping through the frames.

Is there any way i can take my actions from 2.49 to work in 250? or am i doing something wrong?

anyone? ;_;