QUICKTOOLS - Addons for Concept Artists

Hello everyone! QuickTools are a series of addons created by Jama Jurabaev and I to assist concept artists in their workflow. We’ve always wanted to be able to draw shapes quickly and intuitively in 3D, and we are very excited to say that this is now finally possible.

Stay up to date by joining the discord: https://discord.gg/QuickTools

QuickShape is a tool for drawing boxes circles ngon and lasso shapes, in the fastest way possible. On top of that, we have a very advanced workplane that allows you to draw in a number of ways. We have metaballs, we have workflows that enable you to cut geometry out of textures for fast photomodeling, and so on. This addon is super versatile and we’re very proud of it.

Please check out the gumroad for additional gifs:

QuickDeform is our helper tool, designed to add useful modifiers such as Mirror/Array/Lattice etc. However it also goes one step beyond that, and adds some very useful stuff like lofting and offers some settings that allow you to draw with QuickShape/QuickCurve in perfect perspective.

QuickCurve is out!



Cool seem very useful for sketching, will give it a go tonight

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looks like a really cool tool, thanks for all you effort!

I’ve got a small issue, probably something I’m doing wrong, but when I go into drawadd and try to ctrl-d after drawing a simple shape I’m getting -

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Look into bpy.ops.preferences.addon_enable() and addon_utils.check().

You can automatically activate those addons, if they aren’t, as you register your addon.


thanks, works like a charm!

One minor thing, not a real issue, but instead of a .7z file you could use a .zip, one less click to install.


Why not putting a ‘beautifying’ option (with various flow smoothing intensities) to all kind of strokes (as is in the circle and the straight lines)? It is a feature that many drawing apps have anymore. And in this case would be very useful. Making hard surface parts with purely hand drawn lines is difficult, so why not having such a help?

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This is great! Keep the good work, it goes to be a very useful tool! :smiley:

This looks really great and I bought it over the weekend. What about an “ellipseit” tool to go with the roundit?

This looks exactly what I wanted for quick concept making. I can’t wait to play with it tonight.

Is there not a way to produce the tubes with caps (as solids)? By having solid tubes someone can sketch whole base objects for sculpting.

Is QuickDraw actually the same as GCUT?

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This would be the best solution really!

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Excellent, this is bringing my concept workflow in 3D Coat to Blender. I purchased it and it’s a good start. Something I’d like to see is an Ignore Back Faces option for the Ctrl+E operation, so I can create some geometry only on the side of the source that’s facing me.

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This looks really interesting. I’m curious though, would it be possible for the pipe generation to take stroke thickness/pressure into account? Keep up the good work!

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Nice, thanks for the reply! I’m attempting to use the addon with the nightly builds but am getting this error whenever I attempt to use a QuickDraw function:

Aleksander can you implement to the add-on such a thing as in the video below? Just a spherical or ellipsoid chunks producing way. You just draw a cyclical shape with the grease pencil, click to a ‘mesh’ command and voila… you have a ready made mesh chunk.

I think that this is the most intuitive way for building rough sculpture armatures. You build your rough sculpting shape, you unite all the chunks with the voxel remesh and you are ready to go on with the refinement.

The small app in the video is a very old app but the way it works can give a fairly good idea for a new modern tool:


Glad to hear that you have a lot of further plans for the add-on Aleksander, it has the potential to be a very powerful tool indeed. So, keep the good work. :smiley:

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Hi Aleksander! Any news?

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Happy to hear those news! Keep the good work! :smiley:

This is looking incredible! I’m going to get this and implement into my workflow without a doubt. I’m a concept artist and drawing my shapes out is something I’ve fantasized about for years!

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