Quikie render: Oranges (includes .blend)

Hey guys just wanted to share a little something I threw together in about 20-30 minutes this afternoon. Let it bake for a couple hours though.


Larger render: link


Baked oranges, Yum Yum! beautiful work!

OO! Nice oranges! Love the material. Thx for the blend.

Wow very nice Tcrazy! You used the materials nodes for that? That would make for an awesome tutorial, never seen one on that subject.

wooooooo oranges!

Thanks for the comments guys.

Yeah I used material nodes…you have to in order to get sss that doesnt blur your texture too much. I did some tomatoes a while back but didnt know about nodes, maybe I should make some more fruit and right a tutorial about it.

That highlight on the front orange looks like it could burn your eyes out, you might want to not make it so intense.

Awesome TCrazy. Thank you very much for sharing and for the blend :yes:


Sweet! Some people try that and never remember that an orange has those golf ball like holes. I like the irregularity. Very realistic when you do that. There’s a little imperfection in the lower right corner of the first orange. That makes it so much better. Great work.

it’s very aesthetically pleasing but doesn’t look like oranges.