Quixel Mixer 2021.1.0 released

Still beta, just downloading now, it has lots of new features.



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I’m curious about it’s UDIM implementation

This is now a very nice (and free) alternative to Painter. Maybe for the texturing die-hards out there it still comes short a feature or two.

And with the Quixel library behind it, there are so many possibilities for quickly creating assets or texture sets.

Really nice update :slight_smile:

Just from watching the video, I can already tell it’s SO much more user friendly than Substance Painter, which is sometimes a little more convoluted than it needs to be.

The only important feature I can see that’s missing from a casual glance is an internal texture baker. You can do all that in Blender, so it’s not like any Mixer users would be suffering for its absence, but it’d still be a nice thing to have.

I don’t really care about the baker, there’s lots of options to do that during modeling or outside Mixer.
Having an older version of Painter running, the only thing missing is in useful features is the ‘anchor point’ functionality.
That one is useful by linking masks over several layers or materials. This is - afaik - not possible in Mixer.

About user friendliness, it depends I guess. I found the way it works in Mixer a bit confusing at first, but it took just a bit of time due to the slightly different workflows.

I said it before, but when I took my first steps into 3D, all this was crazy expensive, or not even possible. Now we have so many free and excellent tools to play with. :smiley:

While Substance Painter has it’s own strong points, Mixer is very capable for lot of common painting work.

Many hidden possibilities like sculpting on displacement map

While there’s apparently no texture baker per se, you can merge the smart textures down into a single layer and save out the resulting texture.

Yup. Everything you add in Mixer can be baked out, you just can’t (yet) get your high poly to low poly details, like normals, curvatures, color IDs, and whatnot.

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Sorry for necrobump.

So I just watched Mixer Fundamentals course on Quixel YT channel. I must say they nailed the UI and the workflow. And the UDIM support is another big plus.

But the licensing still looks a little bit unclear. A question for Mixer users: For a creator without UE account are there any bundled materials/assets available for commercial usage for free?

I do stills only, and want to use Mixer as a texturing tool and then export maps back to Blender for final rendering.

100% Free, for Everyone

Mixer and hundreds of included Smart Materials and Megascans assets are free, even for commercial use. In addition to that, Unreal users can leverage any supported Megascans assets free of charge.


Mixer is free for everyone, you can use it with your own textures and make your own materials, also for commercial use.

While Quixel materials are free for Unreal users only, and there is a free category but very limited

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But if I remind right in the installation there are several texture packs included. And these dont relate to the UE restriction.

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I think this is what they mean about the hundreds of materials included.
You can ask in their forums if you got some doubt.

I looked it up quite some time ago for the shipped materials and if I am not totally wrong now it was clearly stated that the included ones are allowed to be used commercially for free in whatever context. I was rather unsure how to interpret your standpoint, you think its UE bound?

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Default materials are free for commercial use, they are not depending on Unreal.

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