Quiz show set?

Experienced London-based filmmaker and independent producer with experience of pitching to TV, needs a photorealistic, static TV set designed (green screen actors added later) for a proposed new quiz show pitch to production companies.

Deferred payment if commissioned and, we hope, an option to contribute to the design of the broadcast version of the show.

Please write to Mike on:

[email protected] if interested.


Could we see your history of what you’ve done, please? As in, what shows you’ve pitched, whether or not they’ve been accepted, etc.?

That, I guess, is the rub. No commissions do date, and nothing to show graphically in this arena, so I appreciate how grim that sounds.

I appreciate how much of a gamble that sounds!

One thing I must add, is that - as you wade your way through the treacle of the media, gifted or otherwise - you realise that you don’t always get turned down at the commission level because you’re no good. It’s always a GAMBLE!