Quotes head LEGO

i am clearly stuck.

trying to make a lego QUOTE hair W cap & earphones.

somehow i get sad when i am stuck.:frowning:

it was this hair, and cap that is hard to mod

something like this for the hat maybe? or does it need to be more cylindrical?

it is a good example. but can one of you guys can make a line connect of quotes head for me?

these days, when dealing with organic shapes, I usually follow this workflow:

  1. create a rough base mesh
  2. sculpt
  3. retopo
    are you familiar with this technique?

no… I just found one of them on c.s forums.

that one looks pretty good

yah… i need his head… maybe there is a skype i can call him with because i i’m BANNED-per for double posting by accident.

besides, this headset design is very hard.

this is how far I have gone…

try making the hair a separate piece from the hat. you could add a circle, delete half of it, extrude it down, then use the knife tool to cut out the shape of the lower part. then add a solidify modifier, apply it, make a couple loop cuts along the width, and alt S them ( scale along normal ) to give some roundness.

I did a hat

here’s kind of what I was thinking about for the hair:

http://www.pastefile.com/YLYntW maybe this will help… see what you can do…

I appended it into the right position, then lost the file somehow…anyway, here’s the file I made of the hair:
legohair1a.blend (458 KB)

can you download it again?

you can append it to your file from the file menu and snap it to the head, then scale and position. usually shiftF1 is the hotkey command for appending, but I noticed you have custom commands.

okay… how is it now?

its not like the ones in a picture.

maybe hit it with alt S again, and see if it looks any better.
(edit) I can make a better one for you, but I can’t do it right at this very moment.

if you or others can try.

try asking some help.

if you can do it go ahead :slight_smile:

looks done. :\

I’ll try to sculpt a proper hair some time today…