QWIP of my first mobile phone

in this wip, I will try immortalized my first mobile phone :evilgrin: was a very strong model, hard to break… like blender


and textured with material node compositor for a cool render with blender internal engine :wink:

in diferent render mode :spin:

render with effect

and a very short animation :eyebrowlift:

now it is immortalized, and ready to be exposed in a museum :3

happy blend :slight_smile:

Good art and model, but i think this section of the forum is not the best for this, post it in the “Artwork”.

yes i wrong section how to change it?

wrong section mate, awesome model though.

What the guys above me said!
You’ll have to contact a mod.

wrong section mate, awesome model though.

thank you!

it’s done…

*** Moderation
moved from: Works in Progress and Game Demos
End of Moderation ***

thank to you

Nice animation/model but I think you should have stopped at 16s, just when it switches off cos I think music afterwards does not fit.