R-37 escarabajo

I’m working on a series of tanks and vehicles based on ecuadorian insects. Nature is the best designer of all and it’s so much fun playing with it’s shapes. The Rhinoceros Beetle is such a cool design. This is my first concept and I hope there will be many more. Done enterely using Blender, render in Cycles and Compositing in Photoshop. Hope you guys like it!


I think you are opening some very fun ideas here and I hope you will continue with them. I think it would be a lot of fun to make a tank using a grasshopper or a spider, or a ladybug. Man the possibilities are endless! Keep it up man. I’m liking what I’m seeing.

Oh, you youngsters…

This is from the japanese “Mecha Robo Super Insect” series of toys from the 1970s, remade many many times since then. There was a rhino beetle, a dragonfly and a wasp as well as the pictured locust-bot (sorry, don’t have pics of the others).

In any case, @deadmeadow, cool mecha! :+1:


thanks man, more insects are coming soon!

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Very cool tank. I think it would be even cooler though if it had 6 legs, a feature shared between all insects. 4 legs makes it mammal-ish rather than insectoid. Just my 2cts.

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Pretty cool concept!
well done.

@deadmeadow Great work! Love the fusion of Insect and machine and love the big strong shapes! @gtomorrow I remember the “Insecticons”, they were Transformers that turned into bugs, the idea of mecha animals isn’t new but its allways intresting to see how each artist interpits it! This one is very original and I love its “heaviness”.

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Dude that’s awesome. I’ve never heard about that series but thanks for the info, I will definitely look more into that.

Nice and original work !
keep it up

Oh, absolutely!

Good luck! They’re pretty obscure outside of Japan. I happened upon them in the 90s at this weird import/export shop!

This page is the only thing I could find about them but unfortunately it’s in Japanese!

ANYWAY, back to the subject at hand, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying “we can’t wait to see your next super-giant-mecha-insectoid!” :clap:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Really cool concept and great work, it looks very much like a Rhino !

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So true! Take a look at the BBC wildlife series “Life in the Undergrowth” for tons of insect inspiration! It’s amazing how alien the little buggers seem when you examine them up close and see how they live. The creations of science fiction just pale in comparison to the craziness nature has already given us for inspiration!

Cool design too!

That’s a pretty awesome looking design! I do have one question though… how does it turn while walking?

Amazing design i really like it!

thanks! yeah that definitely sounds like a great idea. I’m working on a new insect and this time it will have six legs. Cheers


Just wow! I love this! Superb work.

thank you very much!