R1 70's Prague METRO concept car


Recently i’m focused on this project so ignore glass of beer, if anyone ever stumbled upon it…

Results so far:


Hi. Today I almost mad an axle. In all that tweaking i realized that this device is on the bottom… so it does not need too mucha attention on the top and inside. Just some more tweeks and it’ll be perfect for my render.

Here is axle render with layer of initial model:

Now i’m on my way to do insides. There’ll be as much little detail as possible, because the scene would contain too much verteces…

See ya all later!

E: I almost forgotten coupling!! :smiley: Of course first of all i have to do coupling. I found some reference images, thou the concept didn’t have any, there’s hole exactly for it.

There are some images i use as a reference. I will try to maintain original paint and lights would be same as on initial model. What differs are doors as they are different on blueprints from real train… In reality doors go to the very bottom of profile.


sideview, i used this to model axle

Whole train

I modelled interior assets and that’s pretty much done, because there’s no necessity to have it more detailed. Just to simply capture the mood… and i think… i got it :slight_smile:

After the last interior render i made milestone to finally finish this project. It just happend… I saw a casual render and I seen a miracle. Just couple of lights reflected in glass… some tubes and seats… But it created such an amazing atmosphere so that i’m looking forward to finish it soon.

Before i start to make paint for the coach itself, i’m trying to catch the feel of base coat paint which i decided to put over technical things under coach such as some parts of axle and those boxes down there…

Here’s my setup:

And here’s last “modelling” process render.

I did inside part of cabin and lights. Rings will have chrome colour so as the cover of front door window.

Lether seats and chrome pipes

Dramatic angle Rhino :smiley:
Nice modelling keep it up, this looks very promissing :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. if you want me to keep it up… i simply have to… :slight_smile:

Very Cool! Liking the hard surfaces on this one.

to make second set of wheels i need to correctly unwrap first part. S i started with rust. I don’t need the rust to be too obvious and shiny… but i almost spent hours figuring out the material.

Thank you very much :]

Latest result, adjusting material node, textures, blending them and it looks fine. I should add some normal map to grey-green-blu parts (a basecoat) and make them more like painted metal… now they seem too smooth. If anybody has a tip for basic paint material (for chasi) i’ll be glad :slight_smile:

See you

Really nice model and beautiful (but sad) part of Czech history.