Rabbit Animation


Im posting here because I do not consider myself an animator yet. I just follow some tutorials and read some principles of animation and I’am actually working with commercials here in Brazil. (that’s the reason of my english)
Im posting here because I need some feedback of you, that also use Blender and know about character animation or just for you that is like me: that don’t know much about but is passionate by animation and want to start doing this but don’t know how…
So… fell free to comment, please.



Now the rendered version:


Images are the render result:

The rabbit was altered and the JOB was cancelled for a while… This is the new rabbit but not approved… anyway I decide to continue the animation just for study! I always wanted to work with animation, and when I get the chance, the JOB is canceled!!! AHHHH!!!

The rendered results:




sweet! <3 them.

That looks fantastic eversimo! Nice subtle movements. I’d say you could probably start to consider yourself an animator now, as your work looks great and it seems as though you have a fair bit of talent.

Keep it up!

Thank’s by your comments, PapaSmurf and Cuby. I appreciate your work too!
I rendered the animation now:


Very Nice Animation :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, guys! I made some changes on the rabbit because of the alterations of the client… Check the first post to get the changes… thanks again for the feedback.

The animation is quite good. I would not say perfect but it is very close some how. Let’s say 75 over 100. The only objection is the rabbit model does not look attractive…well at least in my view…especially his face is grotesque and simple. However it might be just a personal preference. I work commercially as well, I always model faces trying to catch some personality…1 out 10 I think is acceptable…it has been so hard to get a nice face, may be it is just me.

Good work

Thank you blenderguy2008 by your comment, I liked what you said. Your words is exactly the same of the client. Because of this the job is canceled for a while… maybe the rabbit model will chance entirely… The actual model was not designed by us here at casa na arvore(the studio where I work), the model of the rabbit was design by the client with the instructions to take care to not change anything! But at the almost final of the JOB they change they idea about the rabbit design… it’s horrible and terrible thing! But maybe the job will restart and the rabbit will be updated… or maybe not… I don’t know yet.