Rabbit - what fur do you prefer?

Hi, everybody!
What fur is more realistic? And how to improve the fur quality?
I used BrianHFurLib vol 1, rendered with internal renderer.
Waiting for replies. :smiley:


it looks like a really hairy capybara with long ears…, to mi it looks too stiff…i like the second one (on the right)…

I think the one on the right is better, but I don’t think either one really is as good as it could be. The fur seems too spiky. Typically when looking at fur you can’t make out individual strands, the material is very velvety. Not until you get to the fuzzy silhouette of the subject do you notice that it’s fur. I don’t know how to improve it since I’m not familiar with Blender’s fur tools, but I would aim to make the fur strands thinner while making the distribution denser. I think that would get you closer. But like I said, I’m a relative n00b. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, I’ll try to play with parametrs and take my aim.
By the way it must be a plushy toy.

A bit scary with those eyes.

Anyway, a good hair tutorial.

The link is broken

If I look at the left one’s lower right hand side of the face, it looks more like a real animal fur. But the right ear looks a bit strange. The right one looks overall more solid, but it looks more like a “toy fur”.

So it’s up to you. Which look do you want to get? If it’s more real fur like, then try maybe tweaking the left rabbit a bit…

not broken for me…
Try copy pasting this

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I think it fits with the scary bunny toy… :slight_smile:

I don’t know but the link doesn’t work maybe my ISP is updayting smth.
The main aim of my W.I.P. model is a bunny toy, but not scary. :frowning:
I changed strands and the eyes’ color to blue and now trying to rig it.


Never ever underestimate a rabbit! If you’ve seen Monty Python’s “The Holy Grail” you should know it!

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There he is!

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Behind the rabbit?

It is the rabbit.


That rabbit’s got a vicious streak. It’s a killer!


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Well, It’s got huge… very sharp… it can jump a… look at the bones.

Works here just fine

Ha-ha-ha (lol)
My browser FireFox 1.5 rejects my inquiry, I downloaded the link using DownloadMaster. I suppouse that smth. wrong with my browser, addblock or smth. like that. So after loking at the webpage I downloaded I was disappointed because I know this tutorial and everything made like in the tut.
Here is the last render for today because I’m going home for the week-end. See ya…:smiley:


Both are nice, but I prefer the first one. Nice work

I prefer to reduce the contrast. If its possible. Nice work