Race game Demo created in Blender

I have released a race demo made in the UnReal Development Kit. All vehicles and game assets and driver character were created in Blender, mostly 2.49b. The demo is for the PC.

A video is here; http://vimeo.com/24368966 , and the download is here; http://www.indiedb.com/members/unwheel2/downloads

The video is of one player, with the rest of the vehicles driven by bots.


Hey man, really… congratulations!
i liked it, very good!

Great job, looks great. Can’t wait till I am good enough to make awesome stuff like that :slight_smile:

The map design is awesome! The only thing I have to say is that the car is on sand or on grass nearly as fast as on the street. But all in all realy nice job.

The game looks awesome…but i have to agree with Arch on the sand and grass thing

Yeah, I tried to change the friction of the sand and grass materials with Physical Materials, and voulmes, but neither changed the drag of the vehicles.


Did not download but it looked good man keep up the work.

Looks great! I do like the rotation of the camera angle. Would be a pretty sweet racing game if you could control the camera with the mouse while using WSAD to control the car, something similar to GTA.

Don’t know if it was the style you were going for, but the car materials could use some work. At the moment they look very soft and clay-like. Also looks like the specularity on the cars and environment is a bit high (e.g. the road from the desert shot). Overall atmosphere looks pretty good from the screenshots though. Sorry to say I didn’t download it to play (the download is too big for me and figured that PC platform on the link was referring to Windows).

I do like the second picture! It makes me feel see the game scene in somewhere!
Pretty nice!