racetrack, not a game, more a resource (new .blend included, V 1.2)

so, this started back a while ago when I made a low-poly track. a few weeks ago i cleaned it up and made a lot of modifications to the track.

now, this track contains (fully working):

  • a truck with controls of the vehicle wrapper and suspension

  • a working speedometer, with needle and digital display

  • basic anti-roll system that returns car right way up most of the time

  • car slows down when fuel is empty

  • car slows down in pit lane

  • working fuel system

  • tyre wear

  • refueling only happens when fuel value is below 1500

  • average laps of fuel left

  • “advanced” damage system based on speed of car on impact

  • refueling, “changing tyres” and resetting damage only happens when car speedlimiter is on (a way to prevent people going through the exit of the pitlane to enable faster refuelling)I am currently working on:

  • stopping fuel from increasing when driving backwards

  • stopping tyre wear from reducing when driving backwards

  • thoughts have been coming into my head about a damage system, mostly that will cause damage to the car depending on what speed the barriers/walls are hit at, and in turn will cause the car to slow down, i might even add in a few effects.

  • visible way of showing tyre wear and/or damage, which is almost working, the tyre wear needs a different way of working

  • a proper HUD to show everything

  • having a real pitstop instead of a drive throughi know it may seem ive not got much work, but getting everything there to work in unison has been some challenge, and a bit fun too.

Known errors:

.blend V 1.1

.blend V 1.2

Oh wow! is this a NASCAR race track?

I’ve been looking for a “a working speedometer, with needle and digital display” and a display for boost, where when you boost, it goes down fast, and when it gets down it stops, and recharges more slowly.

can’t wait for screenies!

its not NASCAR, but i am big into f1, so its kinda that (i did actually try an oval circuit under the main track as a kind of secret thing, but the truck wouldnt drive on the banked turns properly, so i put in tunnels instead)

the whole visual end of this isnt very good, most of its just basic for now, and all around 1600-1700 polys i think last time i checked

Ok cool. maybe I can help make it better, maybe not :stuck_out_tongue:

any help appreciated, ill probably need a lot of help with python, we’ll see.

need to make images smaller, will post them in a few.

EDIT: added them


Pretty cool!

I have cars for ya to use, a chevy camaro, a weird looking lamborghini thats rusty, has a jet engine, and bloody blades on the front, another chevy camaro thats simular to the lamborghini except it has an intertor and rocks. I have a corvette, a normal lamgorghini, and many others.

how are you texturing that? if you are uv mapping it, I’d make them a little bigger.

Can’t help with python to much, sorry. IF you want I’ll upload screenshots of the cars, IF YOU want them. if not thats fine.

i dont know if id need more cars, maybe for different car settings, but not for now, now im just concentrating on 1 car.

just sorted the car going slower once fuel is low

Great! if you need buildings, I have lots, and can make more.

first post updated

collision box for fuel refill is visible, due to the way it detects collision

Try selecting all the faces of the box, press CTRL > F, Face Mode Set, Invisible.

About the reverse filling the fuel tank up, I may be able to sort it… depending on how you’ve set it up. If you’d like, PM me the blend and I’ll have ago at fixing it up for you

Looks great so far :slight_smile:

no, it has no UV image, otherwise it wont work, so i cant set it invisible that way.

the fuel just uses the odometer, has a preset amount and takes the distance on the odometer away from the preset value, and when in the pitstop, adds an extra amount to the preset amount, thats pretty much how it works

just edited a script to make the truck slow down in the pitlane and return to normal speed when exiting

That’s sweet!

the whole visual end of this isnt very good, most of its just basic for now, and all around 1600-1700 polys i think last time i checked

right, now im hitting a problem with the tyre friction. i think ill have to try setting it up the same way as the fuel

set up the tyre friction same way as the fuel, which means problems will be easier to figure out.

so now on to th ardest part so far: getting fuel/tyre wear to keep its value and not change when reversing, or to do the same as if it were going forward.

basically, what i have so far is simple:

if car.Speed < 0:
 car.fuel = car.fuelOdometer + odometer
 car.fuel = car.fuelOdometer - odometer

which does kind of do the job, except for the fact that the fuel values are different when going forward and backwards.


Odometer + odometer

from the second line does work to some extent, the value doesnt change when going backwards, but it changes to what it would have been when you go forward again.

not sure if thats gonna be enough info to be any use, but its about the best i can do for now…

Can you not do a check to see if the car’s speed is positive, and then run the tyre wear code? Sorry if that’s not helpful, I’m not hugely experienced with python

neither am i, its the same for the fuel, but im not sure how id say it. i was thinking of having some statement like

if car.Speed <= 0:
 car.fuel + = False

but i dont know the proper way to say that so blender understands… im gonna ask my brother when he gets home in a few days, he might have an idea

i think i have a working damage system, only problem is i cant get it working with python, meaning that the value will be the same no matter what speed the truck hits the barriers at, ill work on showing damage now with tyre wear.

the first blend version will be out in a few days, after i remove all unnecessary stuff and tidy up the scripting a bit, its about 3.5MB at the moment, which isnt too bad i guess