Racetrack Tutorial

I am creating a racing game using blender 2.58. I just started using Blender a couple of months ago and still need help. Does anyone know of a racetrack modeling tutorial for Blender 2.58?

Hi there, welcome to BlenderArtists!

My advice for your question: plan your design on paper first! You will waste a great deal of time designing on a computer. Once you have a concrete design then its just a case of modelling objects- if you are not comfortable with Blenders modelling tools then there are several books / helpful websites (like this one) that teach you the essentials.

As a start, try here:


Thanks for the quick reply Rubbernuke. I have planned my design on paper already and the type of track I was looking at was like th one taught in this (http://supertuxkart.sourceforge.net/Blender_track_modelling_tutorial) tutorial. The part I don’t understand is the part about extruding the curve. If someone could explain that to me it would be helpful.

This help?