Rachel's Sketchbook

For my works that don’t really merit a thread of their own. Enjoy!

I have been trying to do an artwork a day sort of deal, but I’ll settle on making four pieces a week. I can see growth in my skills so far in the two weeks I’ve done this. I’ll post more.
Leave a comment/critique. Thanks for looking!!

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brilliant work!

Some great stuff there! I like your painted 70s scifi feel you have to some of them. How do you achieve that?

I do quite a bit of compositing in gimp, but pretty much I just overlay textures on top of the image and mess with the colour levels. I can do the same thing in the blender compositor but I just think it’s quicker to get it done in gimp.

Finished this one today.

This is some beautiful stuff you have here! I wait to see more, good luck, keep it up!

these all look legitsu! @Rachel :slight_smile: